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Cadwell Park marshals given a treat by Lotus and BMW racers

Thursday, July 25 2013

The Lotus on Track Elise Trophy and Marangoni Tyres Production BMW Championship drivers offered the hard-working marshals of Cadwell Park a 'thank you' last weekend by taking them round for some thrilling passenger laps.

The marshals and medics were taken round by Lotus drivers Craig Denman, Simon Oakley, Neil Stothert, Steve Edwards, Nigel Hannam and Clive Willis and in the BMWs of Harry Goodman, Ian Francis and Matthew Newman. Even the safety car driver Ian Barnett joined in to take some marshals round the two-mile track.

Elise racer Simon Oakley was quick to offer his services, saying afterwards: "It was good and I think the guys really enjoyed it. It's something they deserve to do really as they watch us every single weekend and don't get paid for what they do, so they deserve to get a little bit of experience of it out there.

"I had a couple of people scream and they said "if I scream, don't tell anyone" so I said "I'll just go faster!" But they all very much enjoyed it. I was glad to do it to help the team and I would definitely do it again."

Fellow Elise pedaler Neil Stothert added: "It was great because we don't get much contact with the marshals. To actually get them in the car and show them what we do and explain we don't fall off intentionally was great!

"I think they commented that the braking was a bit later than they imagined but it was really good to chat with them and take them out. They thought it was great or they seemed to enjoy it anyway!"